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Persian Kittens Delivery and Color Calculators

Persian Kitten Breeders We have two calculator tools that let you determine when a persian kitten is born, which is based on an average gestation period of 63-65 days. We also have a kitten color calculator in which you can see all the possible color variations of the persian kittens based on the color of the parents. Notice how certain colors are based on whether the kitten is male or female.  It's fun to play with the various combinations. 

Designer Persian Cats® Delivery Birth Date Calculator

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Designer Persia Cats® Kitten Color Calculator!

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Here you can find out what color can be kittens
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There will be no chocolate or lilac color visible UNLESS chocolate and/or lilac is carried on BOTH sides of the Sire and Dam. Where only one parent is chocolate or lilac, All kittens will be carriers - but must mate with another carrier or visible to produce a visible color of chocolate or lilac. Pointed persian kittens (also called himalayans) cannot come from solid color persian cat parents!

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